Kato Mukasa
Lawyer | Writer| Speaker| Trainer

I welcome you on this page. Come,meet Africa's finest Humanist Celebrants that will offer you the best secular ceremony tailored according to your demand. Every ceremony is unique and no ceremony is exactly the same when it's our team doing the job.

I am a trained economist and commercial lawyer based in Kampala Uganda. I have served the humanist movement for over 20 years and worked with the top most organizations that promote the interest of non believers in the world. Among others, I have served on the board of Atheists Alliance International and Humanist International.

I am a pioneer Humanist Celebrant in Africa whose interest over the years has been to inspire several people in Africa to embrace rationalism and love humanism as the best world view to live in a society that is good for all free from dogma, indoctrination and discrimination.

With the support of Humanist Society Scotland, I have had a number of professionals trained in several African countries and they are ready to officiate on your ceremony: marriage, naming, funeral, engagement... Just mention it and my team will handle.

Please ensure that you get linked to a qualified humanists celebrant and for Africa, you can only get them through this website.As a lawyer, I am dedicated in helping non believers write Wills that will be legally respected and ensure that the secular values they stood for in life are respected even in their death. I can help you write that Will in which you can leave a lasting legacy to humanism.

Okusanya Adeoye
Business Man

A Humanist Celebrant based in Ikorodu Lagos Nigeria. As a Celebrant, I have trained experience in Wedding, Funeral and Naming.

Am also a business man in the trade of painting, granite and road construction.

Are you bored of monotonous religious ways of conducting your ceremonies? Do contact me as I introduce you to Humanist secular way of doing them at affordable cost.

David Nana Kuffour

My name is Nana Kuffour David also known on the media landscape as Apiajei Danka. A 31 year old Broadcast Journalist who loves reading, movies and music. I rank 7th on the Dawkins scale and is never tired nor afraid of debating theist in this religious dominated country of Ghana. Very humorous but most importantly very serious whenever I am officiating humanist ceremonies. You can count on me as the best celebrant for your ceremonies as I had in depth know how as a master of ceremonies. Welcome to Ghana and please contact me for your humanist ceremonies and you will be assured of a memorable secular ceremony

Blessed Mxolisi Masuku

A Humanist Celebrant from Zimbabwe who believes in diversity and exploring human intersectional points for social progress. Has a diploma in Education in Physics and Chemistry and currently doing a Bachelors degree in Applied Chemistry at the National University of Science and Technology. He is a part time writer for Zimbabwean Atheists and does charity work with NGOs and Youth Led programs in Zimbabwe.

Pamela Kabanda

My name is Kabanda Pamela and I am available to conduct secular
Wedding ceremonies, naming and Funeral Ceremonies in a humanistic way.
I live in Uganda in a town called Kyaliwajjala, Namugongo – a lovely town. My background is in Accounting, having worked in my parent’s hotel for the last 10 years.
I wish to help you create cheap and affordable ceremonies with readings, poetry, live music, symbolic gestures and contributions from other people. This will be in your choice setting, be it a beach or a garden. I am available to meet you to discuss how to have your ceremony done in the most memorable way. If I am the right choice for you, contact me


I am Victor Okello, a trained humanist celebrant from Kenya .I also a lawyer by training and I currently work as an advocate based in Kisumu Kenya.

My great passion in life life is creating happiness in my fellow man , I am a humanist at heart and I love all beings .I look forward to being in a peaceful society with happy people prospering in their endeavors.

As a trained humanist, my passion is in planning successful secular ceremonies, giving professional advise to couples to handle their function legally and successfully.
I am available for ceremonial planning and I offer advisory services to people seeking to live a life free from dogma.

Should you be interested in having a Will and funeral that will reflect your non belief stance,I am the right person to contact.


My name is Nandip Andrew , a graduate of Agricultural Extension and Management from college of Agriculture Lafia. Iam a former Banker with Unity Bank PLC, E-business Department, POS, Cards and Mobile Banking Units. I am a trustee of Humanist Association of Nigeria and Atheist Society of Nigeria.
I am a well trained, pioneer humanist celebrant in Nigeria ready to enable you have a memorable humanist ceremony: wedding, naming or funeral. Each ceremony is delivered with a unique touch to make it very memorable and to the satisfaction of the client, we do it your way.
Get in touch with me and we get it done


I am Cyrus Wanjohi, based in Nairobi,Kenya but available to serve when contacted and we will plan well ahead of your ceremony.I am trained Humanist Celebrant from Kenya who had the privilege of officiating the first Humanist Wedding in Sub Saharan Africa in January 2019.

I am a professional Animator who loves everything science, treasures the scientific method and values human beings and their welfare above all else, and also loves taking care of the environment.

We only have this one life to live. Let us make the best out of it. I am available to officiate Humanist Ceremonies anywhere in Africa. Contact me and you will have it done, your way.

Medical Doctor

I am Libason Hosea, from Songea Tanzania, I'm a Trained Humanist Celebrant and a Medical Doctor. I officiate Humanist ceremonies, for major life events, such as Engagement ceremonies, Wedding ceremonies, Baby naming Ceremonies and Funerals.
If you are for a secular Ceremony that is in line with Humanist values, which will leave you with happiness, satisfaction and lifelong memories to cherish, you are warmly welcome, I'll be perfectly willing to conduct one for you at an affordable cost.

Secular Wedding Ceremonies and other Non Religious Ceremonies are unique and rare, not only in Tanzania, but also in all Africa. What makes them good and desirable is that they are unique, they can be personalized to reflect the individual needs of the people whose life is being Celebrated.

It is very important to consult a trained Humanist Celebrant like me. Each ceremony Humanist Celebrants handle is unique, no ceremony is exactly the same. Contact me for that unique and memorable secular ceremony. I am available to serve you.


I am a trained performing Artist with a biase in Music from Makerere University. I am equally a trained Social Worker and a professional celebrant whose major interest is in celebrating Namings and Weddings. I am currently based in Kampala Uganda but ready to serve at your request.

I am the current Chairperson of The African Working Group of Humanist International, as well as the Membership Director of Uganda Humanist Association.

With us, each ceremony is super organized and officiated. No ceremony is exactly similar. We are ready to travel to any location of your choice. Book that appointment and let's talk about it,today.


I am a trained Accountant by profession and a passionate Humanist Celebrant based in Kampala, Uganda. My major interest is in Naming and events management. Do you intend to have a wedding and you need a planner, look no further, you will have everything done once you assign us with the responsibility. I will take care of that and give you professional advise to have a cost friendly function that meets your expectations.

Do not hesitate to contact Me,today


I am a trained computer soft ware Engineer, a passionate Humanist and Human Rights Activist and social worker as well as a trained Humanist Celebrant based in Kampala, Uganda.
I am more interested in officiating on Humanist Weddings as well as giving professional advise on decorations and beautification of your ceremony following my love for art and design.

With us,consider it done your way. Do not be shy,contact us for that very memorable secular ceremony.

Social Work

I am a trained Social Work and Humanist Celebrant based in Kampala Uganda. I am interested more in celebrating with you Naming and Marriages and Iam available to meet up and discuss exactly how you want your ceremony to be. You say it,we deliver it as you want it.


I am a trained Journalist and Humanist Celebrant and founding member of HALEA. I have worked with Central Broadcasting Corporation(CBS) FM for the last five years and I am a Public Relations Officer for Muteesa I Royal University.

I am interested more in celebrating Humanist Funerals and Weddings. I am an experienced Events Planner and Advisor and keen on training Humanist Celebrants to be effective public speakers that can make your ceremony memorable.
Don't hesitate to contact us do your work,your way

Motivation Speaker & Public Relations

I am a trained Administrator, Motivation Speaker and Public Relations Consultant based in Masaka. I am the Principal of Pearl Vocational Training College and the lead administrative Officer behind the training of Humanist Celebrants in Africa.

I am passionate in the area of events management and planning and that person that works hand in hand with a humanist celebrant to ensure you have the right venue,deco and all that is necessary to have a successful humanist ceremony.

Whatever ceremony it is that you want,don't hesitate to contact me and us to handle the job.

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