Are you an Atheist, Agnostic or any sort of religious skeptic? Are you an ally or well- wisher of ours?

We need your help!

As you may be aware, Uganda is among the very few countries in Africa that has trained Humanists’ celebrants. Celebrants are trained to conduct secular ceremonies which include Funerals, Baby Naming and Weddings.

HALEA together with UHASSO has started on the legal process of petitioning the relevant authorities to enable us have Humanist marriages legally acceptable in Uganda.  We are taking advantage of the Marriage and Divorce Bill of 2017 to submit our views so that they can be included in the new law on marriage. This calls for a petition and we are petitioning:

a)  Uganda Registration Service Bureau (URSB)

b)  Ministry of Justice and Constitution Affairs

c)  Parliament

The petition calls for petitioners. Our lawyers have drafted the petition and we seek petitioners . Please participate by sharing with us your full name as it appears on your National Identity card, National Identity Number (NIN) and your signature.

To take action, please visit HALEA office located at Makerere Kivulu, plot41, Gaddafi Road next to Paramount Hospital or contact our Membership Director Viola Namyalo +256700331273 to collect your signature.

You can also submit an electronic signature by clicking the button below.

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