We are the first well trained and highly organized Humanist Celebrants in Africa. We are collectively known as the African Humanist Celebrants Network ( AHCN) located in different countries in Africa and ready to reach out to you, whenever and wherever you are.

Each of us is a professional in his or her own right, we are a team of medical doctors, lawyers, social workers, accountants, teachers, performing artists, engineers,philosophers, etc.

We are a people grounded in our various professions but chose to train as Humanist Celebrants to fill the existing gap that religious ceremonies have created in a continent that is full of energy,creativity, skepticism, and with a growing number of freethinkers and secularists that seek ceremonies free from from religious beliefs, practices, culture and dogma.

Our ceremonies are unique,customised to suit your taste. No ceremony is exactly the same. What’s it that you want us do for you? Weddings, Funerals, Naming, Elopement, Baby Showers, Engagement, Introduction….?

Whatever the function that you want to do, we have professionals that will ensure that it is not only superbly done, but it is done effectively and efficiently.

Our team has event planners working directly with events management companies, hotels and public happening places, we have several funeral directors working directly with funeral management companies in several African countries and we are a competent team of professionals ready to offer you that memorable secular service that will make a life time impact.

Our team of lawyers and well trained Humanist Celebrants can take you how to Write a Will and will ensure that your wishes are well respected.

We are an international team working beyond boarders, breaking barriers created through colonial creation of boundaries.Tell us where you are and we shall be right there. Our Celebrants are always traveling to officiate on ceremonies and sharing information and learning from one another to offer better and better services.

We ensure proper monitoring of our celebrants,we offer refresher courses and keep on training more Humanist Celebrants to meet the growing demand of Humanists ceremonies in Africa.

We are a well trained team of professional Humanist Celebrants that offer the following services;
1. We officiate on your ceremonies which include but not limited to: Weddings, Funerals, Naming, Elopement, etc.
2. We offer Events Planning and Management Services.
3. We offer Funeral Planning and Management Services.
4. We guide our clientele in Writing Wills that are legally binding and Advise on the Safe Custody of Wills and we ensure that our clients’ Will is respected.
5. We train and monitor Humanist Celebrants in Africa and we strive to ensure professionalism and delivery of high quality services.

Do you want to get a professional celebrant, write to us today and you will get served:
Email: info@africanhumanistcelebrants.co
Whatsapp line: +256 704609534


We strive to facilitate for a world where human morality or well being is not defined by culture or religion. Human diversity should be respected and our collective experiences form the narrative that leads to a common understanding. We yearn for the world John Lennon imagined.


Our efforts are aimed at facilitating for a vibrant Humanist society.

We wish to get involved in religious or cultural dialogue, giving perspective to dominant moral and social ideologies that still affects numerous people today.

Our efforts are also directed at confronting the culture of hate against minorities and vulnerable people, giving them a voice and uncovering their full potential from the cultures or religions under which they have been buried.

There is an urgent need for cultural reform and this can be attained through education and enlightenment.

Perhaps the most effective way to attain cultural reform is to adopt the positive aspects that have resulted from it, separating them from the negative. Our Humanist celebrant program does exactly that, preserving the very human customs from our cultures while abandoning the inhumane ones.

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